We have a large range of 316L Surgical Steel and PVD labrets and segment rings which are popular for wearing in cartilage ear piercings. 

Whether a single gem, a stud labret with a dangley gem or a curved one to suit the natural curves of the ear, there is something to suit all your customer's tastes.

Jewellery with clear, sparkling gemstones are perfect to match with other pieces to create the stacked look whether for everyday or to add some glamour for those festive parties. Take a look at our popular jewellery with clear gemstones here.

Sometimes a simple star design is all that is needed to complete the look. But if your customer is looking for a jewelled design to add some WOW! for that special occasion, we have a great selection with gemstones including moons and stars for anyone wanting to create the celestial look.Take a look here!

Adding a pop of colour to brighten these wintery days always lightens the mood. And it's the same with our jewellery too whether to co-ordinate an outfit or buy a gift for a friend in their favourite colour. Take a look at our colourful gemstones and add some colour to your jewellery displays.